Built a Certification Analysis Report for a Technology Giant

Business Challenge:

The client is a Fortune 50 multinational technology giant who provides free training and certification programs on the latest technologies and services to its top customers. The client encourages its customers to take exams to get the certification after undergoing training.

The client and their customers want to know the exam and certification status periodically to see how the program is progressing towards its annual skilling targets.

TurnB Approach:

  • Extracted the required data from client database.
  • Conducted an Exploratory Data Analysis to identify errors which were corrected
  • Designed key metrics to evaluate the performance of customers
  • Prepared a dynamic report in Excel as well as PowerBI to analyze exam status at various levels.
  • Shared the reports and insights with client and customers to act on the findings.


  • The reports helped the client and their customers to act on time to boost the sales during the program
  • Increased the number of participants who attended the exams.
  • Attained the Certification targets set for the program.