Evaluating In-Store Promotion Effectiveness for a Retail Giant

Business Challenge:

The client is a largest retail and distribution giant in GCC. Client focuses on running several in-store promotion campaigns to drive sales. They identified the need for developing a generalized reporting framework to evaluate all in-store promotion effectiveness.

TurnB Approach:

Following approaches were done to evaluate the in-store promotion effectiveness:

  • TurnB examined past in-store promotions happened and figured out the objectives of each promotion
  • Identified all factors, which influenced the success of in-store campaigns
  • Explored and learned all available data elements related to factors
  • Developed metrics to evaluate the degree to which each factor is impacted by in-store campaigns
  • Designed a view that encapsulates all metrics to evaluate promotion effectiveness


  • Designed solution helped to evaluate the effectiveness of multiple in-store promotions
  • Analysis also gave insights into the promotions that were ineffective due to various reasons such as cannibalizations, reduced footfall, etc. and helped to take corrective measures