Competitor Landscape Study to Learn Industry Trends and Best Practices

Business Challenge:

The client is a technology giant in software, services, and solutions. A dedicated team within the client’s organization manages and stewards the entire program for its partners. The team wanted to increase the robustness of the program by identifying standard and unique industry practices followed by their competitors. Challenge in hand was to perform an extensive study of the competitor landscape to learn industry trends and best practices.

TurnB Approach:

Identified the competitor companies and following approaches were used:

  • Relevant attributes that need to give direction and exhaustiveness in the research were identified
  • Information repository was created to exhaustively capture all information obtained during the secondary research
  • The research was conducted for the competitors around each attribute
  • We synthesized the captured information and analysed key points
  • We identified standard and unique industry practices
  • A deck was created to showcase the summarized information in the most intuitive manner


The extensive study of competitor landscape resulted in following outcomes:

  • Identified the best industry practices and made recommendations to enhance the existing partner program
  • The final deliverable was sent out in the form of a deck that summarized the extensive research carried out on the competitor companies
  • The deck was presented to executives of the client team and was well received
  • Few unique features were incorporated by the team to enhance its partner program