Designed a Report to Visualize Training Data in a Concise View

Business Challenge:

The client is a technology giant and provides training on the latest tools and services to its top customers with the help of its partners. The client wanted to visualize the training requests in a consolidated manner to help calculate trainers utilized on a weekly basis and plan trainings according to the availability of trainers. They approached TurnB to design a report to visualize training data in a concise view.

TurnB Approach:

  • The training requests received from each partner were consolidated into a uniform format.
  • A condensed view of all the trainings, including its timing was designed for each solution area.
  • The trainings were arranged in customer-order to help with customer-wise analysis.
  • Weekly utilization of trainers for each solution area was calculated.


Following were the outcome after the approach:

  • Consolidated view of the scheduled trainings helped to comprehend the upcoming trainings for each customer easily.
  • Week-wise analysis of trainings were possible through the designed view, which helped to estimate the number of trainers required in the coming weeks and plan the trainings according to the trainer’s capacity.
  • Calculation of trainer utilization helped in auditing the trainer consumption provided by each partner for invoicing the client.
  • This also enabled the client to optimize the trainer capacity to be reserved by each partner for the next fiscal year.