Designed and Formulated Requirements to Help Determine the Partner Membership Status in a Program

Business Challenge:

The client is a Fortune 50 multi-national technology giant and the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions. The client leverages its partner network to reach the end customer. Partners who satisfy certain requirements are elevated to key partner status.

The client felt the need to revamp the requirements and set new benchmarks for partners to restrict the number of top managed partners. They approached TurnB to design and formulate requirements to help determine the partner membership status in a program.

TurnB Approach:

We collaborated with the client and following approaches were done:

  • TurnB performed factor mapping to identify an exhaustive list of factors for asserting the partner purchases
  • The hypothesis was formulated and tested
  • We conducted exploratory analysis on partner sales data to analyze and explore the seasonality and market trends
  • Forecasted purchases of different partner levels for the following year
  • The team designed an excel based model with varying thresholds to estimate the purchases of top partners


Following were the outcomes after designing and formulating requirements to help the client determine the partner membership status in a program:

  • The sale of top partners was forecasted for the following year
  • Modified thresholds enabled, only the highly engaged partners to be eligible for top partner status
  • This enabled to prioritize the focus on critical partners, thereby increasing the retention and up-selling