Developed an Agent Performance Dashboard to Evaluate the Performance of Leasing Agents for a Real-Estate Leasing Company

Business Challenge:

The client is a leading real estate company in the Middle East dealing with both sales as well as leasing of properties. The client has many leasing agents, working on renting out the available units of the client and bringing in tenants.

The client wanted to have a report to monitor and measure the performance of various agents. They approached TurnB to develop an agent performance dashboard to evaluate the performance of these agents.

TurnB Approach:

We identified and extracted relevant data elements from the client’s database and following approach were used:

  • The accuracy of the data extracted was checked
  • An exhaustive list of factors related to agent’s performance was identified
  • Upon identification, KPIs and metrics were designed that accurately reflects the client’s business
  • A well-formulated storyboard was drawn up for developing a dashboard to meet the client’s current need
  • The pre-designed KPIs and metrics were incorporated into a Power BI dashboard which efficiently tracks the performance of various agents


Following was the outcome after developing the dashboard:

  • The better performers amongst leasing agents were identified and rewarded
  • Designed a solution that helped in evaluating the underperforming agents and recommended corrective measures for their improvement
  • The dashboard’s timely tracking feature now enables the client to take proactive measures regarding sales and leasing