Evaluation of Training Through Survey Analysis

Business Objective:

The client is an MNC providing training on its products and services with the help of a third-party organization. They wanted to evaluate training based on feedback from learners and find out scope of improvement.

TurnB Approach:

  • A survey questionnaire was fielded, and anonymous responses of attendees were recorded in a 5-point Likert scale
  • Responses were analysed to find out overall training satisfaction
  • Deep dive analysis was done on trainer level, time zone level and course level which helped the client to understand program highlights and lowlights.
  • Verbatim analysis was done on feedback to identify the sentiment of learners and essence of their comments


  • Survey analysis revealed impact of content, delivery format, platform and trainer on learner experience.
  • Best rated trainer, time zone and course in each event was evaluated from ratings provided by learners.
  • Pain points were identified, and verbatim analysis helped to recognize the improvement areas.
  • Recommendations were provided for future events to improve overall learner satisfaction
  • By assessing training events continuously, the client was able to boost learner satisfaction and the quality of sessions for subsequent training.