Fraud Detection and Mitigation in Online Training Event

Business Challenge

The client conducted large scale virtual events with live participation of learners across the globe to boost adoption of its cloud-based products. Promo codes that gave access to valuable resources were offered to attendees of the events. Attendance was observed to be very high for an event when compared to the previous events. The client wanted to understand the reason behind this unusual change in numbers.

TurnB Approach

  • Extracted the event data from client database
  • Conducted an Exploratory Data Analysis to spot unusual changes in activity when compared to previous events
  • Examined registrant details by inspecting domain information comprehensively; found several indications of users from fake domains registering for the event
  • After analysing the event data, it was identified that fraudulent attendees accessed the event to obtain promo codes
  • Assessed and identified common patterns in the domain information and user behaviour of fraudulent registrations
  • Devised an algorithm to lookup domain details and flag registrations that followed the identified patterns
  • Validated the status of flagged domains using multiple protocols
  • Provided a consolidated report of fraud domains to be blocked from accessing the events



  • Prevented fraud enrollments in real time by reporting suspicious activity during the event
  • Saved costs associated with misuse of promo codes
  • The report helped the client block further registrations from fraudulent domains
  • Identified multiple cases of fraud, leading to implementation of captcha validation to counter such cases in future events
  • Reported the implications on event metrics and helped to correct event data, enabling the client to get a true picture of event performance