Devising Survey Analytics for a Technology Giant to Improve its Business by Generating Business Insights From Surveys

Business Challenge:

The client is a technology giant and the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions. A dedicated team within the client’s organization manages and stewards the entire program for its partners.

To understand the efficiency and effectiveness of the program, the team solicits feedback by fielding an annual survey of its partners. They wanted to evaluate the survey results, track the satisfaction among its partners and identify improvement areas in the Partner Program.

The client approached TurnB for devising survey analytics to improve its business by generating business insights from surveys thereby enhancing partners’ experience.

TurnB Approach:

The annual survey data and partner demographic data was given to the client and the following approaches were used:

  • To understand the relationship between the variables and to identify the drivers of the survey metric various data analysis techniques were performed
  • Trend and verbatim analysis over the years were performed on the key survey to identify the distribution of sentiments and key themes
  • Via TurnB’s exclusive Apostle Modelling, a focused study was done on high priority partners

Recommendations and Implications:

  • The competency level of support engineers must be improved to drive better issue resolution
  • The customers’ understanding of certain programs/attributes and associated benefits was a key element that contributes to the program’s effectiveness. Therefore, proper awareness must always be given to them via proper communication channels
  • Learning materials must always be launched on time to meet current market needs

The client was able to identify the pain points of the Partners and had taken necessary measures to improve, as a result, they were able to observe a higher partnership renewal rate for the program following fiscal year as compared to the previous one.