Newsletter Genre for a Comprehensive view of Business in a Skilling Initiative Program

Client Background 

Client is a global leader in software, services, and solutions and a behemoth in the technology industry. To market, grow, and keep its business, it depends on its partner organisations around the world. The client conducts a skills initiative program to boost sales of its cloud-based products by offering training to end users all around the world through partners. Every month, it provides the partners with subsidies based on the number of completed training activities. 

Business Problem Background 

A newsletter tailored to the Skills Initiative Program was requested by the client. The purpose of this newsletter is to explain the current state of the programme and offer a comprehensive view of business. Additionally, the client wanted to share the newsletter to all stakeholders who worked in various silos. This in turn can aid in giving all stakeholders working in various departments equal exposure about the initiative. 

TurnB Approach 

Identified Metrics -> Prepared Dataset -> Designed Newsletter 

  • Brainstormed and listed down all metrics relevant to understand the rhythm of business 
  • Based on the audience that the final deliverable is intended for and the availability of data, the important KPIs were listed out 
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to identify the multiple data sources that have the required data 
  • Performed an exploratory data analysis on datasets, uncovered numerous business scenarios and clarified them through multiple meetings with stakeholders 
  • Built logics and calculated the business metrics for newsletter 
  • The storyline and flow of the newsletter were brainstormed and finalized.  
  • Decided on the apt visual representations to present multiple data points sliced and diced by different business parameters 
  • Created the newsletter and shared with stakeholders working in different departments 


  • Newsletter provided equal visibility to all stakeholders about the status of the program 
  • The newsletter received a great response from stakeholders across multiple departments. Client decided to create and distribute monthly versions of newsletter moving forward.