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Supply Chain Analytics
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How do We Engage

TurnB engages with clients in two different ways :
Retainer Engagement

In this model, team TurnB works as an extension team to the client’s organization via a long term agreement. Team acts as a Business Analytics engine and continues to churn projects which are the need of the hour for business. Moreover, the team continues to be an integral part of the company and help in successful solution implementation and outcome tracking. We recommend this model as we believe “Analytics is a process and not an event.” In addition, to be in the forefront, business leaders need to institutionalize data driven decision making which can be only accomplished with the presence of an extension team.

Project Model

In this model, team TurnB engages with the client to solve a point problem in hand which is critical for client’s business. TurnB assures state of the art solutions, successful implementation and effective outcome tracking to ensure project objectives are met. This model also allows the client to sense and experience the superior engagement experience with TurnB team. Our past client engagements reveal that most often Project model acts as a pilot engagement with TurnB and transforms to retainer model after successful completion of the project.