Optimizing Evangelists to drive product adoption

Business Challenge

The client is a Fortune 50 multinational technology giant & the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions. The client wants to optimize the number of evangelists to enhance and drive the technology adoption worldwide.

  • TurnB identified and extracted relevant data elements from the Client’s database and checked its accuracy.
  • Identified an exhaustive list of factors affecting the count and prioritized the factors based on business relevance.
  • Performed Trend Analysis on the major parameters across fiscals and determined the seasonality of factors by performing Time Series analysis.
  • Multivariate Analysis was conducted and metrics were defined to measure the performance of their business.
  • % change between the factors across years is calculated and infused into the metrics defined.
  • Favourable and unfavourable scenarios were analysed to identify regions that required evangelists.

  • The stakeholders could identify the regions and specialties that required more evangelists.
  • Kicked off the recruitment to balance the density.