Study of users’ behavior on an Online Learning Platform

Business Challenge

Client has an online learning platform that enables users such as Developers, IT Professionals etc. to learn courses for free, in a self-paced manner. The content publishing team wanted to study differences in usage behaviour of highly or poorly engaged users. Knowledge of user behaviour helps to devise strategies and implement actions that will drive higher content consumption.

  • TurnB devised a metric termed consumption that quantifies user engagement.
  • Identified a group of users who signed up in the same time frame which was done to obtain an unbiased analysis.
  • Brainstormed and identified an exhaustive list of factors and framed hypothesis to study inherent differences in behaviour of high and low consumption consumers.
  • Computed Consumption at a user level and segmented the user base into groups.
  • Extracted data for all factors and performed inter segment and intra segment study of factors.

  • The client flagged off a campaign, on subsequent days of signup that improved % of users re-visiting the platform.
  • Short videos were introduced for multiple courses which improved course fields.