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Hi, fellow aspiring TBian! We’ll tell you all you need to know about working for us and working with us.

We are a family . Each one of us are heard, recognized and our individual growth is forevermore valued because we believe in the policy, “Grow Ourselves to Grow Our Family.” We want you to be the best at what you do. Our priority is your exposure and career growth and the team we have is selfless with a lot of love, affection and care to give out to you and our ‘bottom-to-top’ approach proves that we put our team before our company. As a closely-knit family, we all have the leverage of giving you blunt feedback whenever you go down the wrong path, because, it’s our duty to put you on the right track. And, hierarchy is totally not our thing. We’re a flat organization with an open mind and integrity at our core, so, you can ask anyone anything at any time without the fear of being voiceless.

As hardcore foodies, we’re aware not only of what goes in our tummies but also our brains. And so, we know that continuous learning is the real nutrient-packed food for our brains. Be ready to keep learning all day, every day! Socializing with our teammates proves to be the best way of knowing and continuously filling our knowledge gap. Our mantra – Humble thyself, stay grounded and always be fueled by the passion to learn something new, each day. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s keeping us and our brains alive! At TurnB, we learn, grow and then learn again.

What’s all work without fun? At TurnB, we value the importance of having fun at work. By fun, we mean activities that range from snacking together to sporting together to binge-eating together to laughing at lame jokes together to every other “tos” in this world together. Do you have something that you’ve always wanted to do together with your dream team? It sure will go on our to-do-together list, too!


So, what really excites you ?

Sharpening your skills with the best hands-on experience? Or working with a dream team that loves having fun? Great! Come fuel for your passion for numbers and unearth the analyst within you. Got what it takes to become a TBian ?

To Join Our Family