Data analytics is reshaping the real estate industry, revolutionizing traditional models. Predictive analytics and algorithms uncover trends, empowering informed decisions. Geospatial analytics utilize location intelligence to assess profitability based on multiple parameters swiftly. Analytics and ML algorithms drive investment decisions, predicting property potential through real-time financial and marketing data analysis. TurnB offers this comprehensive view, helping investors in accurate ROI calculations and break-even analysis.

With the help of these algorithms and AI, TurnB generates quality leads by analysing behavioural data from various sources. An automated, optimized sales process is developed through structured analytics, enhancing efficiency and cost optimization. TurnB precisely identifies customers and selects channels to improve target marketing. This results in better lead conversion and reduced time to conversion.

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Data Driven Success

Real Estate

Effectively Monitoring the Rhythm of Business ...

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Real Estate

Developed an Agent Performance Dashboard ...

A leading real estate company in the Middle East, engaged in both sales and leasing, sought a performance monitoring ...